Sustainable World

Sustainable World is a Peace and Justice ministry of All Saints Church in Pasadena, California.  Our mission is to promote and support a socially responsible local and world economy that values life, earth’s resources, and spiritual community through education, personal choices and public action.

Another World is Possible

Most Americans are not as self-centered, nor as enamored with consumerism as mainstream media and corporate America would have us believe.  Do you feel frustrated and disillusioned with the way big business and U.S. foreign policy exploit people and the environment?  Do you want to find alternatives to corporate globalization?

Sustainable World has joined the movement to change corporate globalization into global cooperation. Our ministry examines the nature of our suicide economy and looks for ways of transforming it to ensure a sustainable future, an alternative partnership model based on cooperation and caring.

When we all work together, another world is possible.

Our Goals

  • Educate the parish and community about the religious and social imperatives for systemic change in the global economy.
  • Create ways to take action in promoting a more responsible economy.
  • Advocate for low-income workers in Los Angeles County.
  • Promote organic, Fair Trade certified and union-made products.
  • Oppose “free” trade agreements.
  • Build solidarity with the global movement for an economy that is healthy, caring and focused on future generations.
  • Help build a community and a movement by being a vibrant and inclusive ministry.

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