Who We Are

An enlightened citizenry is indispensable for the proper functioning of a republic.” — Thomas Jefferson

Beginning in 2004, Sustainable World, one of the vital Peace & Justice ministries of All Saints Church in Pasadena, California, expanded its outreach beyond our parish campus by presenting Conscientious Projector, a free monthly documentary film series, in association with the Armory Center for the Arts in the heart of the city.

Our operating premise follows the above-quoted Jeffersonian vision, that in these times of mounting crises, a functional democratic society requires its citizens be informed of the real conditions that we and our world are facing. This is especially relevant in an era where one of those crises is the misinformation, narrow range of perspective, and bearing of false witness that pervade our airwaves and discourse. Our film series was, in fact, born out of a shared frustration over mainstream media failure to question 1) the fraudulent justification we were given for going to war in Iraq; and 2) the real impact of corporate power and free market economic policy. Our own study led us to the work of tenacious producers, writers and directors of documentary films engaged in telling truths that were not getting a fair airing elsewhere.

Our program features probing investigations and thoughtful analysis of the compelling social issues, geopolitical currents and economic and environmental challenges of the day. We look for films that offer an honest and discerning progressive critique and help promote conversation and understanding.  Conscientious Projector seeks to:

  • spotlight bold independent filmmakers, who, through their craft, research and reporting skills, are able to expose injustice, human suffering and earthly blight, and point to hopeful alternatives and solutions; and
  • provide a welcome space for facilitated community discussion of the films and audience responses to them.

Our goal is to foster awareness of the social consequences of public policy and also of our own personal choices, so we can become more empowered and better equipped to join in transforming our communities and expanding the role of civil society in bringing about meaningful change both locally and globally.  Filmmakers and/or local speakers on our featured topics often take part in our presentations.

The idea for the series grew out of a shared sense that the public’s right to know is not fully served by the mainstream media’s formula of sound bites, clashing pundits and narrow range of perspective.  Our guiding principle is the Jeffersonian notion that an enlightened citizenry is the heart of democracy.


6 thoughts on “Who We Are

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  2. Hi,

    I went to your film screening for the first time in March. It feels meaningful to be included in an inclusive and open dialogue about environmental issues in the US.

    I would like to recommend a film called “Tiny: a story about living small.” I have not watched it yet, but it seems interesting and promotes themes similar to the Conscientious Projector’s values. Here is the film’s website: http://tiny-themovie.com/


  3. On 3/24, 6:30 p.m., at the West Hollywood City Council Chamber, there is a free screening of “How to Die in Oregon,” a Sundance winner which explores the pros and cons of assisted dying for the terminally ill. It will be followed by a panel discussion featuring Bishop Gene Robinson and President of Compassion & Choices Barbara Coombs Lee. This event is free but RSVPs are needed. The screening is hosted by ITVS, a documentary unit of PBS.
    Is there a way I can distribute an invite to Conscientious Projector fans?

  4. How does one submit a film to the series? I directed a documentary called Our House that I believe fits with the Conscientious Projector ethos. It’s about a group of squatter punks (with progressive Christian beliefs) that ran a community house for the poor/homeless in an abandoned building in Brooklyn. The site for the film is ourhousethefilm.com. Please let me know if there’s someone to email or an address I can send a screener to. Thanks!


  5. Your program is SO necessary. I may not attend as much as I desire but your program gives hope and demonstrates a better way. Thankyou

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