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Conscientious Projector on October 13, 2016: A New Story for Humanity

September 16, 2016

The Findhorn Foundation in Scotland is a vital and renowned spiritual community, ecovillage and international center for holistic learning and sustainability. In the fall of 2014, 300+ gathered there with hundreds more online for The New Story Summit: Inspiring Pathways for our Planetary Future. The eight-day event brought together a diverse, multicultural and multigenerational group of change makers and activists from over 50 countries in an enquiry into how people might raise a new narrative of interdependence and mindful living to serve the co-creation of a better world. Several professional filmmakers pooled their talents to document the proceedings and interview its visionary presenters. The result is the enlightening and heartening 2016 film A New Story for Humanity, this month’s Conscientious Projector presentation on Thursday, October 13, 7:00 p.m. at Armory Center for the Arts.

A community discussion follows the film. The Armory is located at 145 N. Raymond in Old Pasadena. Admission is free and the facility is accessible to disabled persons.

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