Who Pays the Price for our Clothing?

imagesEver wonder what inequities lurk behind the glamour and artistry of the fashion industry, how workers are faring in the global garment supply chain, or why clothing prices have dropped in a new era of “fast fashion?” Conscientious Projector joins with VisionLA Fest ’15 to answer these questions and more as we present the newly-released documentary The True Cost on Thursday, December 10, 7:00 p.m. at Armory Center for the Arts.

Director Andrew Morgan and producer Michael Ross take us to countries around the world to show how the human and environmental costs of manufacturing our clothes have risen dramatically. Their cinematic call to action vividly illustrates that this is an industry in need of a justice makeover. Morgan has said, “Clothing is the most labor-dependent industry in the world, employing millions of the world’s poorest workers, many of which are women. Many of these women are paid less than a living wage, work in unsafe conditions, and are deprived of basic human rights.”

A community discussion follows the film. The Armory is located at 145 N. Raymond in Old Pasadena. Admission is free and the facility is accessible to disabled persons.  To learn more about the climate action arts festival VisionLA Fest, check out visionlafest.org.


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