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Responding to Climate Change: Innovation in Bangladesh

December 14, 2014

362199_300x300Join us on Thurs., January 8 at 7:00 p.m. for producer-director Glenn Baker’s Sundance Institute Award-winning documentary Easy Like Water.  One of the major injustices of climate change is that many of the world’s under-developed nations are facing its greatest threats, while their citizens bear little responsibility for its causes and impact. Bangladesh, the eighth most populous nation in the world, is a salient case in point. 20% of its land may be washed away by 2050 from rising sea levels and melting glaciers due to increasing greenhouse gas emissions. 100,000 Bangladeshis are already being displaced each year. So it is both ironic and heartening that some of the most innovative, design-based climate change solutions are coming from this beleaguered country. Easy Like Water focuses on visionary architect Mohammed Rezwan’s project to replace flood-ravaged schools with solar-powered floating classrooms built on repurposed surplus boats, a model that Rezwan intends to expand to create floating health clinics, shelters, libraries and cinemas.

A community discussion follows the film. The Armory is located at 145 N. Raymond in Old Pasadena. Admission is free and the facility is accessible to disabled persons.

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